Spyphone Works

How Spyphone Works

If you wish to keep someone under control, but are concerned with high costs of detective agencies, a solution that would allow you to optimize in terms of cost and effectiveness is a Spy Phone, a device that at a first glance looks like a normal cellphone, but carries deep inside a software that turns you into a secret agent.

To find out how this is possible, just follow us for a while and read this page, you will discover interesting information that will help you become familiar with the Spy Phone app and its world of possibilities. Let’s start with a glossary of terms.

Target: the subject you are monitoring, be it a wife, a business partner or an employee. This person will be the actual user of the Spy Phone, which is a normal cellphone featuring an embedded software that allows you to spy on the target. Usually, the target would receive the Spy Phone as a present, and will be encouraged to use it, without knowing that by doing this he is placing himself under surveillance 24 hours a day, even when the handset is switched off or the GSM SIM card is replaced!

The so-called Monitoring phone, as the name goes, is the handset which remotely controls and monitors the Spy Phone usage. This takes place via Online panel control, from any cellphone, or computer.

The best part of all these interesting features which allow to take control of someone's activities, is that the software is installed in a completely invisible way, so that even the most experienced user would not be able to find out that someone is actually spying on him and listening to all his calls!

This means that he would act as freely as usual, revealing all his secrets to you thanks to yor Spy Phone!