A GPS Phone has no price: it can really save your life!

At Endoacustica, we have a wide experience not only in security-applied technology, but most of all, in making it suitable for our customers' needs, and finding the optimal tailor-made solution for each one of them.

Sometimes, consulting us and our team of security experts can play a vital role in preventing crime, or even saving lives. In the following specific case, unfortunately we have not been able to help, but just because we were not made aware of what was going on. Otherwise, we might have been able to save the life of one of our clients.

Some time before, his business partner and trusted friend disappeared suddenly, and was unfortunately found dead a few days later. He had been kidnapped and murdered by the Muscovite mafia, for reasons connected to some public tender that the Mob was interested in, and that our friend won instead. In the so-called New Russia, crossing the Mafia's path can be a deadly mistake, like in this case.

As you might know, these people are not exactly friendly with those who do cross their dirty path, and our friend's partner, who had probably underestimated the consequence, paid the price. And our friend regretted not having informed us about the threat, otherwise we would have been able to help him with a Spy Phone, one of our most popular and reputable products.

This spy cell phone is equipped with a hidden software, which allows a third party to listen to all incoming and outgoing calls, as well as receive a copy of each SMS sent or received, placed by the handset on which it is installed. It also gives you the possibility to listen to all environmental conversations taking place around the phone itself, which in this case will work like a real miniaturized bug, without giving out any visible sign of activity. All these functions can be controlled and activated remotely via online control panel.

In this case, these functions would have certainly been very useful, but the one that would have proven crucial to save the man's life is the GPS locator feature embedded in our Spy Phone.This function allows the Spy Phone to monitor not only the phone activity, but also enables you to have a real-time tracking of the subject's whereabouts.

In fact, thanks to the embedded GPS tracker, all you need to do is to open your online control panel, and report showing the following details:

Latitude and longitude coordinates


To do so, he resorted to his new friend, the Spy Phone.

Movement indicator and speed

With this data, you are able to track, with the aid of sites such as Google Earth, the exact address where the person under observation is in that moment.

As you can easily imagine, our Russian friend would have immensely enjoyed the opportunity of having the possibility to use such a tool, which would have enabled him to inform the "police" in real time, and their intervention might have saved his partner's life.

And as we all know, there is no price that is not worth spending, to save a life!