Catching a cheating wife? Never been easier, with a spy phone

Let’s face it: we all get there sooner or later, like it or not.

During the course of a lifetime and of a relationship, the time may come when you start doubting your wife’s trustworthiness, and ask yourself the age-old question that no one wants to ask himself: “Is she cheating on me?”.

In my specific case, this did not happen yet, but it may just come down to two reasons: I am single, and my previous girlfriend may have outsmarted me (and most likely they did, in most fields… but this is another story J ).

But unfortunately, it may be happening to my good old friend J, and I got to know it a few months ago when, over a couple of beers, he confessed that, after noticing a few potential signs of infidelity, he bought a new “present” for his girlfriend: a spyphone.

Now, being some kind of a geek, I have a rough idea of what mobile phone tapping is, and I occasionally have heard and read about such kind of cell phone spy gear, but I never got too much involved with phone surveillance and all that goes with it.

So, I started to get interested not only in my friend’s heartaches, but also in some juicy technical details… you never know, it might turn out useful some day! Basically, what my friend bought for his supposedly cheating girlfriend is just a standard cellphone, with an extra hidden feature: an embedded cell phone spyware, which allows a third party to perform a real spy monitoring on the subject’s activities.

This remote spying software is discreetly installed into the phone and is completely invisible, and would record when the target is engaged in a conversation.

So if you always wondered how to read someone's text messages without being noticed (ah, curiosity killed the cat…), with such a tool you would just have to sit and check your computer online control panel, perfect if you want to find out if your wife is cheating, but are too lazy to do it!

I will not share details of how J's story ended, but what I can say is that my friend feels much more relieved now, as he has a faithful spy tool that allows him to sleep safe and sound at night.