When cheating runs in the family, a Spy Phone can help.

We all know that you should trust no one in this world, especially when what is at stake is either a substantial amount of money or (and sometimes it is even worse) the love and care of the ones around you.

Personally, I had experience of placing my trust in the wrong people at work, and when I found out that one of my employees was also working for the competition, I showed him the way out. But this is an old story, and after all it did not hurt that much, at least under a financial point of view; what hurt me more was that I really trusted this person and he betrayed me.

All this, though, is absolutely nothing compared to what happened to one of my friends a few months ago. The guy is one of those that we may call "the lucky few": a flourishing business, a spacious attic in a posh neighborhood, a SUV in his garage and a beautiful wife who does not even need to work and spends her time between the hairdresser and the fitness club.

Let's face it, guys: with a wife like this, who would not get jealous? Especially if you are working long hours, your wife might feel lonely… and in some cases, this might mean having a little fun on the side. On top of this, in the last few months she started being elusive when asked about her activity during the day.

My friend got increasingly suspicious, and decided to take a step forward to make sure that his trust was well placed: he bought his wife a Spy Phone, that is, a standard cellphone, with an embedded cell phone spyware, which allows him to monitor his cheating wife's activities, by recording phone conversations in a online control panel..

This spying software is completely invisible, and would recordwhen the person under surveillance is engaged in a conversation.

After a few days of monitoring, my friend realized that the number that his wife was calling most frequently was not his, but… his brother's!

Yes, my friend's younger brother, just your ordinary guy who would occasionally pop up by his house to say hallo… now the picture was clear, he was not only coming to say hi, but also for more that he could not even imagine!

My friend did not act at first, but waited until he could gather more evidence against his cheating wife and his betraying brother.

To do so, he resorted to his new friend, the Spy Phone.

In fact, on top of all the functions that we described above, its remote spy software can allow your normal cell phone to spy on the target, even while it is turned off!

And while his unfaithful wife thought that she was away from the world and totally secure because her cellphone was turned off, that's exactly when the spy cell phone gave the best performance, listening to any conversation around it and acting like a real bug.

I am not going to publish details of the conversation that my friend picked up thanks to the Spy Phone, but I think you can imagine by yourselves what could have happened… IN short, his now ex-wife had to go back to an ordinary life with a honest daytime job, instead of spending her days enjoying the fruit of someone else's work, and cheating him behind his back!

And the younger brother… well, as you can imagine the two are not best friends now! And all this, thanks to the valuable help provided by a Spy Phone!