Tracking and Monitoring Software for all Android, Iphone and blackberry Phones

To track the whereabouts and activity of a mobile phone, you can now use a tiny piece of software which, when installed on the handset to be controlled, turns it into a GPS tracker. This software is our Spy Phone software. If you wish to track the movements of a person like an unfaithful spouse or a colleague or partner who might be passing information to competitors, you do not necessarily have to invest huge sums by hiring an investigation agency or a detective. In cases like this, technology lends you a hand, allowing you to maintain a 24/7 monitoring on the subject, even outside your country. In fact, this software can work anywhere as it supports all language protocols and can automatically retrieve the settings of the network it is working on. The best part of it all is that this spy software does not require you to be near, in order to work, as it can be operated remotely, allowing you to carry out your monitoring in total security and privacy, even on the other side of the world! All you need to do is open the control panel on your mobile phone or computer.

With customer satisfaction as our main objective, we understand that monitoring operations can have different durations depending on client needs, therefore we have a range of four types of licenses available: the shortest is 1 month, but we also offer 3, 6 or 12-month licenses. License can easily be renewed, and there is no need to repeat the app installation on the target phone, thus minimizing any possible risk. With a spy software for phone, you will be able to:

  • Hear in real time what is happening around the device
  • Save a recording of sounds and voices recorded via microphone
  • Create an automatic recording of all calls, to and from the target phone
  • Follow phone movements and events thanks to GPS real time position tracking
  • Receive automatically a copy of each incoming and outgoing text message
  • Receive automatically a copy of all conversations taking place via Facebook or WhatsApp
  • Receive automatically a copy of each note saved on the device
  • Be updated on all names stored on device’s contact list
  • Receive all photos shot with phone camera
  • Anonymously see the device’s surfing history
  • Be informed whenever a new application is installed
  • Monitor any access to the device’s storage cards
  • Monitor all connection history, either via WiFi or mobile data
  • See system status (available memory, battery level etc)
  • Restrict access to specific sites or pages via parental control
  • Use the device camera to take photos unbeknownst to the user
  • Anonymously take phone screenshots